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Our Story

We are a couple with the goal of providing clean, healthy food for our community! It started with Annemiek wanting a handful of chickens for fresh eggs and morphed into Jeff building a mobile coop large enough to house hundreds of laying hens. Customers coming to the farm for eggs wanted to purchase produce from our personal garden. We realized the community didn’t really have access to local and organically grown produce, which sparked the idea of a market garden. Shortly after Southern Pine farm was born!

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Satisfied Clients
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Years of Experience
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about us

Meet Annemiek and Jeff

Annemiek was born and raised in Greenville, OH. She moved to Greensboro in 2017. Her passion for country life and cooking (using the freshest ingredients) inspired her to grow food for her family and community.

Jeff is a Woodstock, GA native who’s always had a passion for the great outdoors and growing things. Tired of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, he moved to Greensboro in 2009. When he's not working as a firefighter/medic you can find him at the farm or hiking in the Smokies.

Annemiek and Jeff look forward to expanding the farm and building lasting relationships with customers and the Lake Oconee Community.

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Our Story - Farm Webflow Template
our pup

Meet Lacie

Our Great Pyrenees tasked with keeping all the animals safe. Her hobbies include: lounging, hiding shoes under the porch, wrestling, and burying any treat given to her.

Our Story - Farm Webflow Template
Our History

We started as a small chicken egg operation in 2020

Southern Pine Farm is operated by first generation farmers in charming Greensboro, Georgia. Since 2020 we have grown from a pasture raised chicken egg operation to offering the Lake Oconee community seasonal, organically grown, nutrient-dense produce.

Our farm practices Permaculture farming, an approach to an agricultural design that focuses on a back-to-the-land farming. A concept best explained as one that uses and simulates patterns from Mother Nature allowing ecosystems to regenerate on their own which in turn promotes sustainable farming. We strive for growing practices that continuously improve the conditions of our soil and land.

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Our Process

From the earth to your home

Our Products    
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We plant and harvest high quality organic products

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We sell through local markets & online

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Coming Soon: Local Delivery